Mood: Bonkers. A bit kooky if you will

Last Login: Guess.



Sex Lots
Age Large 50 year old man
City Torture Lane
Country Hell
Music NIN, Orgy, Slipknot, Korn, Atari Teenage Riot, Snake River Conspiracy, PM5K, Nirvana, MCR, Kittie, Jack Off Jill, Deftones, etc...

Donnie Darko, The Shining, I don't have much else I haven't been watching movies lately....

Television Daria, I watch Jackass occasionally for shits and giggles, The Umbrella Academy, Happy Tree Friends, Lenore the Cute Little Dead Girl, Parasyte, PASWG (haven't watched it in yrrrsssss but the art is still so good)
Books Reading iz 4 Nerdz! (Torture Garden)
Heroes my slipknot wallet
Status None of ur business loser! What do you think...
Orientation Biflexual
Ethnicity Jewish and some eastern European countries that no one cares about
Religion Atheist
Occupation Swag
Interests 90's/y2k, drawing, making stuff, surfing the web, watching TV, mall goth fashion (I will never forgive Tiktok for "reviving" it)